Below is a list of all the campsites we stayed at throughout the trip. Most of them can be found on Tracks4Africa, Open Street Maps or, but I’ve added a link if they have a website for additional information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. I will also be adding a list of all our wild camping spots with GPS coords soon.



Camping outside the Medina walls by the Port – Asilah

40 dirham pn

This is not an official campsite as such, but it is a nice, quiet and safe place to stay in Asilah. You pay the local ‘manager’, Mustafa to keep the area safe and apart from having a few street vendors trying to sell you things, nobody is too bothered. There is a toilet block, but it is only open at certain hours (no showers). Otherwise there are plenty of nearby restaurants you can visit.

Camping Les Gambusias – Rabat

100 dirham pn

Do not stay here – it was by far the worst place we camped on the entire trip. I would recommend sleeping in your car in one of the streets near the Embassies in Rabat in order to apply for visas. It would be safer and much cheaper!

Camping Ferdaous – Marrakech

45 dirham pn

This was a great campsite just to the north of Marrakech. The hot showers were amazing, toilets were kept clean and there was optional power if you wanted to pay extra. Wifi worked near reception and although the campsite is located on the main road, it wasn’t noisy enough to bother us. Prices for touristy activities like a shuttle bus into the centre of Marrakech and food at the restaurant was on the pricey side, but if you are willing to negotiate a little bit and share with others at the campsite then it shouldn’t be too bad.

Manzil-la-tortue – outside Marrakech

90 dirham pn – camping

A stunningly beautiful place to camp, this is a high end guesthouse which also lets campers and campervans stay in the manicured garden area. With a huge swimming pool, beautiful facilities and wifi, this is definitely worth it for a night of luxurious camping.

Ksar Tifnidilt – turnoff before Tan Tan

80 dirham pn

This is a beautifully French run guesthouse, located at the top of a hill overlooking the Oued Draa. The facilities are all very nice and built to European standards, including toilets, hot showers, washing up and BBQ facilities, a restaurant and swimming pool. It is accessible via a 4×4 track for a few kilometres off the main road, which makes it all the more special as the only people camping are the ones who are happy to make a bit of an effort.


Western Sahara

Camping Moussafir – Dakhla

60 dirham pn (+10 dirham pp for a hot shower)

Not the greatest of campsites, but it does the job if you’re after a hot shower and a safe place to sleep. The toilets are ok, not very clean, but there are washing tubs to do laundry which is a bonus. As Dakhla is one of the best places to kite surf, it’s hard to escape the wind wherever you stay.



Camping Chez Abba – Nouadibou

6000 Ougya pn

Nice, basic campsite. The facilities were a little bit rundown, but there were hot showers and drop toilets that did the job. The manager of the site was lovely and helped us get our car insurance organised. It’s a safe place to stay for a night or two in Nouadibou.

Bab Sahara Campsite – Atar

4500 Ougya pn

This is a gem of a campsite, especially after driving along the Iron Ore Route for three days. It is basic but comfortable, with solar powered hot showers, nice clean toilets and plenty of space to relax. The owners are extremely helpful and love having a chat to overlanders.

Auberge du Sahara – Nouakchott

8000 Ougya pn

This is a safe place to camp that is within walking distance to all the Embassies. Not a lot of space for camping, but there is a kitchen, showers, toilets and good wifi.



Camping L’Ocean – St. Louis

6000 CFA pn

Situated right at the southern end of the St. Louis peninsula, this campsite forms part of the Hotel Dior L’Ocean. It is right on the beachfront and about a 45 minute walk up to the centre of St Louis. Toilets and showers were nice and there was wifi available in the main restaurant area.

Hotel du Djoudj – Oiseaux National Park

5000 CFA pn

We were allowed to camp in the hotel grounds just next to the National Park. Although the hotel was rundown, it was a beautiful area to stay and we were allowed to use the swimming pool aswell. The staff were very friendly and opened up one of the rooms for us to shower in. Perfect if you want to do a daytrip into the park and a boat cruise along the Senegal River.

Zebrabar Campsite – just outside St. Louis

4000 CFA pp pn

One of the more well known overlanding campsites, Zebrabar was a nice place to stay and relax. We were able to use their ramp to do our oil change and a few bits and pieces on the landy. The facilities were nice and the staff were friendly, although the food and drink was on the more expensive side.



The Sleeping Camel – Bamako

6000 CFA pn – camping in the front car park

Great place to stay in Bamako! It is very safe, being right next door to the German Embassy, although somewhat noisy with all the surrounding schools. The facilities are great, including toilets, showers, wifi, restaurant & bar and it is within walking distance to some local cafes, supermarkets and over the river to the markets. The staff make you feel at home and it is a popular place for many expats, with quiz nights and movie nights a regular occurrence.

Hotel Togona & Campsite – about 3kms before Bandiagara

4000 CFA pn

We really enjoyed staying at this campsite. The owner Eric was so friendly and helpful, and although we had an English/French language barrier, it wasn’t really a problem. The facilities are basic, but having an outdoor shower under the stars really isn’t the end of the world.

For anyone wanting to visit Dogon Country, I can highly recommend our guide, Mamadou Traore. He grew up in the Dogon Country (Djigibombo) and now lives in Bandiagara with his wife and daughter. He speaks English and French and has years of Dogon guiding experience. Contact details: (+223 7910 6102).


Burkina Faso

Guesthouse Pavillon Le Vert – Ouagadougou

9,900 CFA pn (double room with fan and shared bathrooms)

We struggled to find a campsite in Ouagadougou that was close to the Ghanian Embassy, so decided to stay at this guesthouse. They had secure parking for the landy and it was a great place to stay while we waited for our visas. The facilities were not the cleanest, but the food at the restaurant more than made up for this. We were there during the Afcon final and it was very popular with expats in Ouaga.



Presbyterian Church – Kumasi

40 cedi pn

This is a nice, safe place to park and camp in Kumasi, although it was ridiculously noisy with thanks to the surrounding clubs, churches and schools. The toilets and showers were fine and you can also have laundry done for an additional fee. A word of advice: given that the Kumasi is home to the largest markets in West Africa, try not to drive through when the markets are buzzing, like we did.

Escape 3 Points campsite – Cape Three Points

20 cedi pn

This was an amazing beachside retreat for a few days. The lovely Canadian/Ghanaian owner, Akwasi has built a little piece of eco-friendly paradise in a very remote area of coastal Ghana. With composting toilets, rainwater showers and a beautiful bar and restaurant area, it was very hard to leave. As it is quite isolated, make sure to take all of your own food/drinks, or have enough cash to buy from the bar.

Big Milly’s Backyard – Kokrobite

22 cedi pn

About 25kms west of Accra, this is the perfect place to base yourself while applying and waiting for visas. Big Milly, is actually a lovely little English woman who has a love of African overland travel, and although it is primarily a guesthouse/hostel, she still accommodates overlanders in the garden area. The staff are extremely friendly and willing to help out whenever they can. The toilets are clean, bucket showers are refreshing and the location right on the beach is perfect. The live music on Friday and Saturday nights is great – just make sure you have earplugs if you want to sleep before 3am.

Volta River Guesthouse – south of Kpong on the Volta River

20 cedi pp pn

This tranquil place was a great find along the Volta River. It was a guesthouse, but it was empty so we asked if we could camp and they were very accommodating. There was a nice outdoor toilet block and an outdoor shower to use. We were able to buy drinks and I’m sure they would’ve cooked us food if we’d requested aswell.

Maranatha Beach Camp – Ada Foah

15 cedi pn

This is a beautiful campsite with a stunning location right on the end of a sand spit between the Volta River mouth and the Atlantic Ocean. There are about 20 huts for backpackers and then the rest of the beach is suited to overlanders. Facilities are basic but the location beats anything else. There is a restaurant, but no wifi. It’s definitely worth the short detour over the sand dunes. It’s only accessible by boat or 4×4, giving it a very special feel. Contact them on facebook for any queries.



Chez Alice Hotel – Lome

1500 CFA pp pn – camping in the carpark

This is a lovely hotel run by Swiss Alice, but it doesn’t have a great camping area. It is right on the main road so it’s very noisy from the traffic, but is ok for a stopover. The toilets and showers are fine, wifi is ok and the restaurant is amazing. Even if you don’t camp there, it is worth visiting for the chicken schnitzel.

Robinson Plage Beach Hotel

5000 CFA per campsite pn – camping in the carpark

This is a very nice hotel located right on the beach just outside of Lome. The French owners allow campers in the carpark, but be aware that they get very busy on the weekends and may ask you to move your car ‘into a corner’ to allow for other paying customers to park while they have lunch. The toilets and showers were good. Wifi is available but only in the restaurant area. The food at the restaurant was apparently very nice, but pricey. This is a very popular place with European expats due to the nice beach and swimming area.



Coco Beach – Grand Popo

4000 CFA pn

This was a great little campsite, right on the beach underneath the palm trees. The owner Mathias, is a lovely local who goes out of his way to be helpful. The camping area is set between several bungalows, with nice toilets, showers and a great location right on the beach. The restaurant serves delicious local seafood! It is the perfect place to spend a relaxing week by the beach.

Contact: (+229 9718 2246)



Montana Road Villas – Calabar

10,000 naira pn (double room with air-con)

As is the case throughout Nigeria, this was an overpriced hotel, but it had safe parking and was centrally located for our visa needs in Calabar. The rooms were a bit rundown, but the bed was the biggest and most comfortable we’d seen in a long time.



Hotel Data – Mamfe

5000 CFA pn – camping

This was a nice quiet place to camp right along the river in Mamfe. The hotel manager was very accommodating and helpful, opening up a shower and toilet especially for us for the night. There was wifi, but it wasn’t working while we were there. The restaurant looked pretty good, although we cooked our own food.

Mile 6 beach – Limbe

4000 CFA pn – camping

Although this is technically not a campsite, we were allowed to camp for a few days after speaking with the groundskeeper, Bibenda. It is a nice black sand beach that is open to the public on the weekends for swimming. There were adequate toilet & shower facilities and it was pretty basic, but beautiful and quiet and perfect for us. No power and no wifi.

L’Eglise Presbyterian Church – Yaounde

2000 CFA pp + 1500 per car pn – camping

Given the limited options in Yaounde, this was our best bet. It was in a nice quiet location, close to the Embassies, shops and a great bakery. However, the facilities were dirty, there were time restrictions on when you could have a shower (when there was water) and it was quite expensive for what we got. The only payoff was that it was a safe area to park the car.

Tara Plage – Kribi

5000 CFA pn – camping

We were allowed to camp in a great location right on the beach at this guesthouse. The restaurant served nice food and drinks, the facilities were great and there was intermittent wifi. Tap water was available and you could use the power outlets in the restaurant.


Republic of Congo

Hotel Hippocampe – Brazzaville

Free – Camping in the car park

After so many wildcamps in Congo, this was the perfect resthaven in Brazzaville. The French owner Olivier is also a former overlander, so he makes travellers feel right at home. There is also an amazing Vietnamese buffet on Friday and Saturday nights which is worth the money! Wifi is available for 2000 CFA.



Club Nautico – Luanda

Free – Camping and parking in the car park for overlanders

The two yacht clubs in Luanda are next door to each other and both offer free camping with basic facilities. Good wifi is available at the restaurants. Perfect way to save some money in the always expensive, but intriguing city of Luanda.

Praiha da Mariquita – 60kms north of Namibe

We were fortunate enough to stumble upon this beautiful beach and meet the Angolan/Portuguese couple who are constructing a beachside campsite/guesthouse retreat. It is a gorgeous private beach, surrounded by high sandstone cliffs located roughly 20kms off the main road on a 4×4 track. The campsites will be available from August 2015 and will be worth the small detour. Make sure you take all of your own food and water.



Fantasia Guesthouse – Ondangwa

$240N pn – camping

As with most Namibian/South Africa campsites, this was a fully equipped site with nice toilets, hot showers, a washing up area, wifi, electricity, water and braai facilities. The owners were extremely friendly and there was a great bar / restaurant area that served delicious food, cheap drinks and showed the rugby. It is also within walking distance to the local shopping centre.

Etosha National Park Campsite – Halali

$440N pn

Located in the centre of Etosha, this was a very nice (although expensive) campsite. It was fully equipped with toilets, hot showers, water, power, braai areas and a swimming pool and was surprisingly quiet considering how popular it was. The watering hole was beautiful, even though we didn’t manage to glimpse any animals there.

Etosha Safari Camp – 10kms south of the Etosha Anderson gate

$300N pn

This was a wonderful campsite with plenty of space, great hot showers and clean toilets, a swimming pool, nice bar and restaurant area and good wifi. Each campsite had its own power, water and kitchen facilities and there were even two cute(?) warthogs roaming around to cut the grass each day. Highly recommended as a base for Etosha.

Youth Hostel – Swakupmond

$20N pp pn – camping

This was a huge, but very basic campsite right in the heart of Swakup. The facilities were limited and not very well looked after, with no power or wifi. But for the price and the location, it was ok. Plenty of shops, bars and restaurants within walking distance.

Sesreim Rest Camp – Namib-Naukluft National Park (Sossusvlei)

$154N pp pn – camping

Permit for Sossusvlei – $80N pp ($60N if one of you is South African) + $10N for car

This is one of the closest campsites you can stay at to visit the dunes at Sossusvlei, especially if you want to go at sunrise or sunset. There’s plenty of space for each of the campsites and all the essentials are there, with the exception of wifi.

The Cardboard Box Backpackers – Windhoek

$90N pp pn – camping (including an amazingly free brekkie of cinnamon pancakes and tea/coffee)

This is a great little place in the middle of Windhoek. The camping area is quite small for overlanders, but was fine for us as we were the only campers. The shared showers are hot and the toilets are clean. There is great wifi at the bar area and also a swimming pool, pool table and braai facilities. There’s no power at campsite but you can charge in the bar area.

Koha Guesthouse – near Mariental

$75N pp pn – camping

A very nice campsite and guesthouse set in a rural location near Mariental. All facilities were clean, the camping area was spacious and the staff were very friendly, giving it more of a b&b type feel.

Schutzenhaus Guesthouse – Keetmanshoop

$75N pp pn – camping

Camping is available at the back of this old German guesthouse, with power and water supplied to campers. The outdoor toilet/shower block is a little run down, but apart from that, the campsite is nice and quiet and close to the shopping centre. My only issue was with the front desk staff, who tried to increase the camping rates three days in a row, before admitting that their staff were not all properly trained. Annoying at the time, but not too much of a big deal in the end.

Helmeringhausen Hotel and Guesthouse – Helmeringhausen

Located between Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon and Luderitz, this is a great campsite and perfect stopover location in Namibia. The owners, Björn and Katja are two of the most genuinely wonderful people we met on our entire trip, going above and beyond to accommodate us. The campsite is spacious, with very nice facilities and the food was delicious. Highly recommended!

Luderitz Backpackers – Luderitz

$80N pp pn – camping

The perfect place to stay in Luderitz! Located close to all the shops and waterfront areas, the backpackers is run by the very warm and friendly Hannes, who makes you feel right at home. The camping area out the back is quiet and spacious and very secure. All facilities including toilets, showers, a full kitchen and braai area are all in good condition and the wifi was very good.

Ai-Ais Resort – Fish River Canyon

$143N pp pn – camping

This is a very nice (and popular) campsite located at the southern end of Fish River Canyon, with all the necessary facilities and plenty of space for camping. There is an outdoor swimming pool available, and hot springs inside the resort for an additional fee. Wifi is not available.



GPS coordinates of all our wild camping locations will be here soon…


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