Below are some websites that we’ve found useful during our preparations. Even if you’re not planning a trip yourself, these are a great read!


Bobotie Time

Langebaan Sunset

Fat Kid on a Bike

Africa Clockwise

Norberts Adventures

Cats Itchy Feet

Tin Can in Africa


Morgan Safari

Big Sky Adventures

Travel Maniacs

Aussie Overlanders

Africa Overland

Southern Africa Overland Forum


4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Paul and Kate, I am really enjoying your blog. My wife and I will be travelling the same route starting the September/October. Can you tell us about obtaining propane/butane for our cooker? Any info will be appreciated. looking forward to your next update.
    Mike and Se Broadbent


    • Hey guys, great to hear you’re doing the same trip, I’m sure you will love it! We actually used the Coleman 2 burner stove which is uses multifuel like petrol or Coleman fuel. We bought it second hand on eBay for about £40 and only used petrol during the trip. It was never a problem and I can highly recommend this cooker. Obtaining petrol (or diesel) throughout West Africa was never an issue – Nigeria and DRC were the only 2 countries where we had to wait for diesel but petrol was always available.


  2. Hi guys.

    We are leaving Ireland end of October .
    Heading pretty much the same way through west africa but mainly all coastal regions ( Surfing as much of all the cool spots we can find.)
    As you just recently been through whats the political situations like.
    I am S African and partner American. I know weird combination living in Ireland ha ha ha.
    Anyway awesome to read your blog. Can’t wait to hit the road.


    • Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, you will absolutely love the trip! Our only issues at the time politically were around Nigeria – we struggled getting the visa and then due to the timing a week before the elections we also struggled to cross into Cameroon. But in the end it was all ok, just a bit stressful. I think you’ll probably find that by the time you leave there will be situations in a few different countries. We were lucky to be in touch with another couple who were a few weeks ahead of us, so they kept us up to date with what was going on. But to be honest, if you have plenty of time, you’ll be able to work around any situation. Hope all the plans are going well!!


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