The Landy

1992 Landrover Defender 200tdi


We found our landy on eBay and bought her in basically her original state, with the exception of the Brownchurch roof racks, Nakatanenga roof tent and the Safari snorkel. Only having 2 previous owners, we were very impressed with the service history and immediately felt like we’d got ourselves a little gem.

We then began our own modifications to personalise the landy for our trip, carrying out all the work ourselves (also with some much appreciated assistance from friends in London). Listed below are the changes we made to the inside and outside of the car.


– 2 x side steps

– 3 weatherproof boxes for storage on the roof racks. 1 metal box from eBay which we painted and the other 2 we bought online

– 2 x 20L jerry cans strapped and locked onto the roof rack

– Ostrich wing awning (opens to 270 degrees) bolted onto the roof rack, with LED down lighting and home made waterproof sides that zip together for extra protection

– 2 x heavy duty waffle boards (these also act as sand ladders) mounted along the top side of the car

– New swing away rear wheel carrier and spare tyre

– High lift jack (mounted onto the rear wheel carrier) and good quality cover to protect from dust & rain

– We bolted the original rear wheel carrier onto the bonnet for a second spare tyre

– 4 x Hella small spotlights mounted on roof rack

– 2 x Hella large spotlights mounted on the front bar

– Strip of LED lights along the top side of the car

– Folding table mounted over the rear side window. This can be used either attached to the car (cocktail bar style) or freestanding on it’s own.

– Front runner 40L water tank fitted in the passenger side rear tyre arch. This is connected to an external tap and internal pump with a shower attachment.

– Front runner 50L additional diesel tank fitted in the drivers side rear tyre arch. This connects directly to the primary diesel tank. We also reinforced this onto the rear cross member.

– Window tinting on all rear windows

– A cylindrical tube tied onto the roof rack for fishing rod and equipment

– 1 small shovel mounted on the bonnet and a second large shovel tied onto the rear ladder (big shoutout to Ollie from Norway for this one!)

– A lockable security console between the front 2 seats.

– We installed a second hand 60L Engel Fridge/Freezer behind the passenger side. This was probably too big for the 2 of us, but we absolutely loved having it! It has 5 settings which allowed the entire fridge to be either cooled or the entire fridge to be frozen. To date, we’ve not had any issues with the fridge (fingers crossed for the rest of the trip) and considering she’s travelled around Australia previously she’s a trooper.

– Paul made a switchboard in the front cabin for the lights and front fans. This also has 2 voltage displays for the leisure and original batteries and 4 x 12 volt USB charging sockets.

– 2 x server fans installed on the dashboard, running through dimmer switches to control the speed (our air-con!)

– 1 x original starter battery

– 2 x leisure batteries (220ah & 110ah) with a Durite split charge system, voltage sensitive relay & manual battery isolation.

– Radio with auxiliary output into an old iPhone loaded with our music

– Inverter (400/800w)

– Fusebox mounted in the middle of the car

– We installed some new Pioneer speakers because the original speakers barely covered the sound of the engine

– 80w freestanding & folding solar panel. This was perfect to top up the leisure batteries, however a 100w + would have been better.

– 2 x 12 volt USB sockets in the rear of the car

– A strip of LED lighting in the rear of the cabin

– An electrical pump for the shower and filter attachment

– Homemade curtains for the front 4 windows (both for security and to block out sun when needed)

– A homemade fabric divider between the drivers section and the rear of the cabin (this was mostly or security to stop prying eyes looking into the back, but also served as a great dust protector aswell)

– Homemade front windscreen solar shield (made from fabric and rolls of insulation from B&Q. I also made similar covers for the inside of the rear windows and sunroof

– Homemade shelves for storage along the rear passenger side. We built a 12 cube storage system into the rear on the passenger side.

– 2 hanging elasticated nets attached to the inside roof in the rear of the car for additional storage.

– Homemade 3 section storage drawer that pulled out the rear door, with a bed over the top. The bed also has a hinged section on the side that flips open to be able to fit 2 people to sleep. This was our bed travelling through Europe in the winter months and for any unsafe situations if we felt we needed to sleep inside the car.

1 Landy basic copy       8 Rear tyre carrier

7 Awning sides                         2 Drawer copy


9 Sand ladders      3 Back of landy 1 copy

4 Back of landy 2 copy               5 Back of landy 3 copy



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