We are Kate and Paul, an Aussie and Saffa driving with our 25 year old Landy from London to Cape Town. After meeting in London in 2010, we have done some backpacking and travelling through Europe, South East Asia and parts of Africa, but this is our first overlanding trip. Having decided to permanently leave the UK for sunnier skies in the Southern Hemisphere, we figured why fly back when we can drive through Africa?! Travelling down the west coast was always the intention, despite (or rather, due to) it being the route less travelled. Unfortunately we have been forced to slightly change our planned route since the Ebola outbreak but still hope to travel through as many west African countries en route.

We hope you enjoy our overlanding adventures with us!!




From London to Cape Town

IMG_3913 P1110164



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  1. Keep your eye out for Germans tommie and connie in their €300,000 big MAN 4wd truck.There are also a Belgian couple mentioned in the Germans links..(their truck is called “mantoco”).They would have to be millionaires….travelling in superb comfort!.


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